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Alyssa is the girl you need to grow! After our consultation I have been more self aware professionally and personally. I own a wedding planning business and found it extremely insightful to see written out how we all work best together, and we have discussed these points weekly since in our staff meetings. There is always room for improvement as we navigate communication channels in our lives! This is something I could see benefiting teams annually, if not quarterly.


My team & I had a blast and learned a great deal about how we communicate effectively with each other. I'd highly recommend taking your team through this process .Much thanks Alyssa!


The TTI Success Insights program takes DISC to the next level. I've done multiple personality profiles and leadership/communication courses in the past, and I really liked this program's approach to improving effective communication with your team. I definitely see how investing my time in this educational program will improve my communication with others, both within my team and with my clients. Alyssa was great in leading us through the concepts and practical examples, and the reporting material was thorough and very well done. Would definitely recommend for a manager or for a team looking to work more effectively together!


Alyssa helped me navigate my personality traits, communication style and the way I adapt my personality at work. She was easy to understand, and offered great tips and suggestions on how to make the most of my style at work. I learned a lot from her and will be able to apply what I learned, daily, at my job. I recommend this service to anyone who needs to collaborate and communicate effectively with others at work.


I really enjoyed the Insights profile review Alyssa held with my team! It gave me a better understanding of everyone’s work style and I have been able to take that into account when working on projects with them ever since!


This program is informative and helpful for both the individual and the team - by working with Alyssa, I was able to gain better insight into my own working and communication styles, while also gaining an understanding of how to reach and work with others whose working styles differ from my own. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to facilitate better communication and collaboration within their teams!


I would highly recommend Northern Lights Insights for any business or individual. Unlike other personality tests, this one assigns a color to you and others with directions on how to speak to people of a different color, red, blue, green, or yellow. Extremely effective in a team setting to get more done by communicating in a style others respond to best (based on their color). I am happy to be a yellow/green and will work hard to communicate with others in and not in my color. This training is a must!


Alyssa's program was spot on, and extremely useful to help us understand what spectrums our customers could fall into, and better ways to communicate with them!


The Northern Lights Insights program is great! I took away some great tools to improve my communications with my team and clients. Would definitely recommend for a manager looking for professional development or for a team that wants to work together more effectively.

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