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Common questions! 

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What do the Insights colors mean?

The colors are red, yellow, blue, green. Approximately 65% of learners are visual learners*. Understanding your color is proven to be more useful than other personality assessments because your insights profile a tool you will use daily! 

*Social Sciences Research Network


How is this different than DISC?

There are thousands of DISC assessments out there. TTI Insights is a version of a DISC assessment but with COLOR! The assessment dives in on how you would react to different situations. 


What is TTI? 

TTI Success Insights is a trusted and valued partner of Northern Lights Insights in the area of behavior assessments. 


What is business communication? 

Workplace surveys and studies confirm that recruiters rank communication skills at the top of the list of qualities they most desire in job seekers. Such skills are crucial in a tight employment market when jobs are few and competition is fierce. 

-Essentials of Business Communication, Guffey & Lowey 2008.

Business Communications is an extensive topic regarding sharing information in a business setting for the purpose of benefitting the organization. The three main types of communication in businesses consist of in person, verbal and written. After taking our assessment, you'll understand your preferred communication styles along with your teammates to have the most effective outcome for the enterprise. 

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